If you want to advertise a job in Preston, using job boards has many advantages.  In fact, by using job boards to advertise a job in Preston is a method that is revolutionising the recruitment industry.  Using a company such as Talent Finder whereby you can access multiple premium job boards for the cost equivalent to going directly to a single premium job board is sharply on the rise.  This is because the number of job seekers utilising these boards is in the 10’s of millions nationwide.  Coupled with large advertising budgets and ease of use, the amount of active candidates registering with these job boards is only set to increase further.

A lesser known fact about using job boards to advertise a job in Preston, is that the job boards themselves are the main resource used by traditional recruitment companies when sourcing and placing candidates for job vacancies.  By utilising this resource, an employer is able to source the same high quality candidates but without having to a pay a large placement fee to a recruitment company.  For example, recruiting an engineer may cost a company £6000 on successful placement but by the company utilising these job boards by using a company like Talent Finder, they can have the exact same candidate for as little as £150.  If ringing a candidate and arranging an interview will save you £5850, surely it’s a no brainer?

In addition, a company such as Talent Finder provides access to their applicant tracking software.  This means all the applications, across all the job boards are accessible in one easy to use, user interface.  Better still, when looking to advertise a job in Preston, a recruiter receives applications near to Preston in real time and on one screen.  There is an added bonus of being able to communicate with applicants with a view to rejecting or progressing an application.

Make no mistake when using job boards to advertise a job in Preston, companies like Talent Finder provide a service that represents an efficient service and a service that offers unrivalled value when comparing with other current industry standard recruitment methods.

If you would like further information on how Talent Finder is helping companies to recruit, please contact our team on 302 231 4768 or email us at info@talentfinderusa.com

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