How to keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is a global problem. According to several sources, six out of ten employees in the UK feel undervalued at work. A team of clock-watcher’s is fatal to a growing company.

Employers which implement a successful employee engagement strategy outperform their competitors in profitability and productivity. So what’s the secret to successful employee engagement? How do successful companies beat the odds, and what does that actually look like?

Here are 2 engagement strategies that work

Make the right hire

You often hear people talking about having the right work culture and instilling a sense of purpose but the truth is that you’ll do less work in these areas if you have a good candidate screening process.

Ensure you set up a good recruitment process. Thorough screening, including take home assignments results in employing people who are engaged from the very beginning. Your employees will feel well-suited for their jobs, support your vision, and model your company values.

An example of a good employee engagement idea is of an organization which makes hiring decisions based on candidates’ natural inclinations towards “entrepreneurship”, generally defined as behaving like an entrepreneur within a larger organization. They assess this by asking candidates to talk about how they started new initiatives at their previous workplace. The people who are the most valued in businesses are the ones who act like owners. They consistently go the extra mile in helping the company, their customers, and each other.

Give credit where credit is due

This may sound obvious, but companies need to get better at praising and rewarding employees when they’ve done well. Recognition is one of the top three drivers of employee engagement, and companies that make a practice of recognizing great work become a better place to work. Saying “thank you” doesn’t need to be expensive. A newsletter spotlight or a standing ovation at the next meeting will work just as well.

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