Standard Terms and Conditions of Business

These Standard Terms and Conditions of Business (““tthe Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms””)) regulate the contractual relationship between Talent Finder (““TTalent Finder””)) and The Client (““tthe Client””)).. They are effective from the date hereof and supersede all previous Talent Finder Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms issued by Talent Finder except in the case of any Full Recruitment process terms in existence and ongoing at the date hereof.. Save as expressly provided for below,, these Standard Advertiseme nt Campaign Terms form the entire agreement between the parties (““tthe Agreement””))..

1 Objectives of the agreement Talent Finder agrees to supply to the Client,, for a fee (““tthe Fee””)),, Applicants for consideration by the Client and the Standard Advertisemen t Campaign Terms regulate the Agreement between Talent Finder and the Client only..

2 Definitions In these (““tthe Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms””)) the following expressions shall unless the context otherwise requires or are otherwise expressly provi ded for,, have the following meanings:: “TThe Client”” means The Client named in the sales order and subsequent invoice((ss)).. “TTalent Finder”” is a trad ing style of CAMERON CLARKE ASSOCIATES . Registered Office:: 24 winckley square,, preston,, pr1 3jj . Company Regist ered in England and Wales:: 09975494 Telephone:: 01772 886799 Website::wwww.. talent – finder..cco..uuk “AApplicant((ss))”” means the person((ss)) presented by Talent Finder to the Client.. “CCommencement Date”” means the date upon which confirmation of engagement of Talent Finder to undertake the advertisement campaign post completion of the Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms,, following receipt from the Client electronically or in writing.. “EEngage””,, “EEngaged”” or “EEngagement”” means to employ,, engage,, retain or other wise accept services from an Applicant introduced by Talent Finder in any capacity whatsoever,, including any trial period or other conditional position,, within a period of 6 months from the date of the Introduction.. “NNamed Advert((ss))”” means an advert((ss)) for the Client’s vacancy in which the name of the Client is stated.. that Talent Finder reasonably deem suitable for advertising purposes taking into account the Client’s vacancy.. “ Talent Finder Job Credit”” means,, depending on which option in Schedule 1 the Cl ient chooses,, one specific advertised vacancy type.. “SSchedule 1”” shall mean the ‘LLow Cost Recruitm ent Service and Costs’’ document..

3.. Acceptance of Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms These Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms are deemed to be accepted by the Client from the Commencement Date of Campaign..

4.. Prices 4.1 Fees quoted for the purchase of Talent Finder Job Credits in the sales Invoice and / or Schedule 1 are valid from the date of the relevant sales order.. Prices are confidential and may n ot be disclosed to a third party by either party.. 4.1.1.. The sales invoice is legally binding into these Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms.. 4.2 Acceptance of Talent Finder annual rates as set out in Schedule 1,, requires full payment as set out in the s ales invoice.. A full sales invoice will be submitted upon acceptance of these Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms.. 4.3 In the event that payment of the Fee is not made in accordance with the above provisions,, then commencement of Campaign cannot begin.. 4 .44 For outstanding payments,, Talent Finder reserves the right to claim interest on outstanding debts at the rate of 4%% per annum above the National Westminster Bank base rate.. Talent Finder also reserves the right to remove any discount associated with the Agreement upon late payment..

5.. Contract Renewal 5.1 The Client can renew the Agreement at any point during the provision of this service..

5.2 Talent Finder will not automatically renew the Agreement and non renewal will mean total suspension of all r elated Campaigns..

6.. Job Credits & Flat Fee Sifting 6.1 All purchased Talent Finder Job Credits are valid for 28 days from the day each credit is posted..

6.2 All purchased Flat fee Credits are valid for 28 days from the date keywords are provided for a specific role..

6.3 Job board credits do have a validity of 12 months once purchased,, hence any credit purchased must be used within 12 months

6.4 The Client accepts that Job boards are a third party supplier,, therefore guarantees cannot be made as to the credits being posted on the job boards requested by the client..

6.4.1 Talent Finder shall inform the Client prior to the client purchasing a credit((ss)) or posting a vacancy as to which job boards are available..

7.. Advertisements 7.1 The Client must elect to use either an anonymous or Named Advert((ss))..

7.2 If The Client uses a branded Advert((ss)) then Talent Finder accepts no responsibility for unsolicited telephone calls which the Client may receive but Talent Finder will stipulate within the advert((ss)) that all contact must be directly to the Client..

7.2.1 A branded advert does will result in extra costs which will be presented at the time to the client and payment will be made prior to requesting a branded advert.. 7.3 Talent Finder will obtain approval of the draft advert((ss)) from the Client before publishing the advert 7.4 Upon approval of the advert((ss)) Talent Finder will within 2 working hours post the advert((ss)) across all relevant job boards within the Talent Finder Job Board Portfolio for a p eriod of 28 days from receipt of such approval.. 7.5 All responses will be sifted by Talent Finder and then sent to the Client as soon as is reasonably practical via email throughout the duration of the campaign

8.. Property in the Applicant All supplied A pplicants and all advert((ss)) responses will be the property of the Client upon receipt of cleared funds in respect of the Fee.. Under no circumstances will Talent Finder contact any of the Applicants once details have been supplied to the Client without prio r approval of the Client..

9.. Additional Talent Finder Services Should the Client wish to engage Talent Finder in any further capacity,, a further fee will become payable.. This will be discussed and agreed by the parties in writing prior to any further Enga gement..

10.. Confidentiality 10.1 The service offered under these Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms and any agreed variation of them is confidential and the Client agrees not to divulge to any third party the contents of this Agreement.. 10.2 Talent Fin der will comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1988 in relation to personal data of any Applicant.. All Applicants will be made aware that their details may be forwarded to the Client whereupon those details will then become the property of the Client..

11.. Suitability of Applicants 11.1 Other than as described in Schedule 1 Talent Finder do not take up references or undertake verbal screening (AAd Posting only)) on Applicants and the responsibility for taking up references and screening rests with the Client.. Talent Finder accept no liability for the suitability of the Applicant for employment.. 11.2 Other than as described in Schedule 1 Talent Finder accept no liability for the authenticity of the Applicant profiles supplied or the accuracy of the Applicant’s CV..

12.. Liability 12.1 Neither party shall be liable in contract,, tort (iincluding negligence)) or for breach of statutory duty or in any other way for any economic losses (iincluding loss of revenues or profits,, contracts,, business or antici pated savings)),, loss of goodwill or reputation or any indirect or consequential losses suffered or incurred by the other arising out of or in connection with any matter under this Agreement.. The aggregate liability of either party in respect of any loss or damage suffered by the other party arising out of or in connection with this Agreement in any other way shall not exceed the Fees actually paid by the Client to Talent Finder in the preceding 12 months.. For the avoidance of doubt neither party excludes li ability for death or personal injury arising from its own negligence..

13.. Response Rate Talent Finder cannot guarantee a minimum response rate and accept no liability for the number or quality of CVs received in response to the advert((ss)) and//oor submitted to the Client under this service,, due to variations in Sectors within the recruitment industry..

14.. Third Parties No third party shall have any rights under the Contract (RRights of Third Parties)) Act 1999 in connection with this Agreement..

15.. Authority Talent Finder does not have the authority to bind either the Client or an Applicant..

16.. Variation These Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms cannot be varied otherwise than in writing by the agreement of a Director of Talent Finder .

17.. Legal Fees If the Client fails to pay the Fee and//oor any agreed advertising charges in accordance with these Standard Advertisement Campaign Terms,, then Talent Finder reserves the right to take such action as it considers appropriate to recover the Fee and or those char ges and interest,, and any costs reasonably incurred by Talent Finder in respect of that action will be payable by the Client in addition to the Fee and//oor those charges and interest..

19.. Jurisdiction This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accor dance with English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales..