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Aluminium Die Casting- Training Provided

Our Client based in Leeds produces Aluminium castings and requires a hard working individual to join its small team. The role includes a variety of tasks such as pressing and filling castings, drilling holes and tapping threads into castings and breaking off castings into their component parts.

The successful candidate will be finishing a high volume of batches so whilst our client requires a candidate who can turn their hand to a variety of tasks, you also need to prepare to stick at it whilst working quickly. Some of the tasks also require standing for long periods of time with heavy lifting at times.

The Job:

• The role involves assembling and preparing moulds for aluminium casting.
• Mould tube preparation (conventional).
• Quality Awareness.
• Slinging.
• Manual Handling.
• Safety Awareness.

You might work as one or more of the following:

• Sand mill operator – making the mixtures for moulds.
• Cupola attendant (also melter or furnaceman) – controlling the furnaces that melt the metal.
• Ladle person (or caster) – transferring molten metal from the furnace to the moulds.
• Die caster – operating die casting machines.
• Burner (also radiac operator) – removing excess metal from the castings.
• Fettler – grinding surplus metal off castings with abrasive wheels.
• Shot blaster – using shot blasting machinery to clean castings.


• ideally suiting someone with previous foundry/forge experience, mould building or heavy steel work.
• Flexible and committed to work, with a high degree of drive and enthusiasm.
• Committed to team principles and professional attitude.
• A good team player, able to co-operate with colleagues, and share information effectively.
• A good performance record indicating high quality, speed and accuracy of working.
• Committed to environmental protection, safety and house-keeping.
• The ability to absorb information and learn new skills quickly, reliably and effectively

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Die casting, casting, fettler, cupola, ladle person, shot blaster, cnc operator

To apply for this job email your details to info@hemscottassociates.com